Monday, September 9, 2013

U.K. Toys ‘R’ Us Going Gender Neutral

Toys “R” Us, a retail giant in the toy industry, bowed to pressure from U.K.-based lobbying group Let Toys Be Toys and will now market its products in a “gender-neutral” fashion within the U.K. Not only will advertisements eventually depict both boys and girls playing with the same toys—everything from guns to dolls to kitchen sets—Toys “R” Us stores will also be removing any explicit references to gender within their stores.

In a press release, a Let Toys be Toys campaigner said, “We’re delighted to be working so closely with a major toy retailer and believe there is much common ground here. Even in 2013, boys and girls are still growing up being told that certain toys are ‘for’ them, while others are not.”

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U.K. Toys ‘R’ Us Going Gender Neutral

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  1. I guess Iggulden 'Dangerous Book for Boys' is off the shelf then?

    WAY too much estrogen in the world today.