Friday, June 13, 2014

The Blessed Mother is Attacked Again: Please Protest

Be aware…this is deeply disturbing.
The Blessed Virgin Mary is under a brutal attack on Facebook!

And because I know that you dearly love Our Lady and the Mother of Jesus, I believe that you will help us put a stop to this terrible sacrilege.
And do this by telling Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: 
“Take Down This Page!” 

Will you?
We must stop the giant social media site Facebook from continuing to carry this brutal attack on the Virgin Mary:

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the page has a top banner headlined with the blasphemous message…
“Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted.”
That blasphemy is bad enough, but…
…it is matched in blasphemous messaging by an image of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a fetus:
  1. complete with umbilical cord (as if still in the womb, hence He should’ve been aborted)
  2. with a bloody crown of thorns
  3. with His five bleeding Sacred Wounds of the Crucifixion
  4. and with the word ‘YAHWE’ tattooed onto His arm; evidently to make sure people understand exactly of Whom they are referring: the Son of God and His most holy mother.
On top of that, Our Lady is pictured…
… with a cigar hanging out of her mouth.

And last but not least…
…a smaller picture on the left shows a traditionally veiled “Mary,” nine months pregnant, with her robe pulled up over her most holy womb, swearing with a four-letter word as she looks with implied anger, irritation, and revolt at her pregnant belly.

My friend, how can we just ignore this?  We can’t!

Godless, impure, sexual, and mocking language, comments, and opinions are made throughout the entire page especially directed against Our Lady’s ever-virginity.

So we must defend Mary’s honor.
Tell Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg:
“Take Down This Page!”

If tens of thousands of Catholics pray and speak up, we hope and pray Facebook will enforce its hate-speech policy and remove this blasphemous page.

We’ve been successful in getting YouTube to remove many blasphemous videos in the past!
Remember: The Facebook Policies/Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, Category 3 (Safety), item 7, says:

“You will not post content that is hate speech…”
And Facebook clarifies what they consider to be Hate Speech on their Community Standards page:
“Facebook distinguishes between serious and humorous speech…we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their…religion…”

And yet, here is an entire page devoted to blaspheming and mocking Our Lady’s holy and divine pregnancy.

And with the evident intent to demean and insult the faith of Catholics.
Isn’t that "hate speech"?
It is in  my  book.

Thank you for speaking out. And may Our Lord Jesus Christ reward you!

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