Monday, June 30, 2014

When Cell Phone Conversations Go Public

Written by John Horvat

During recent travels, a colleague and I pulled into a gas station to get fuel and stretch our legs. It was a gas station like so many thousands across the country without anything extraordinary about it.

However, as we returned to the car, we noticed a middle-aged woman speaking on what appeared to be an intercom system. It looked like she was trying to get the pump to work and was using the intercom to resolve a problem with the people inside. It was very loud and everyone in the fueling area could hear.

But we soon realized that the sound was actually blaring from the car’s speakers. This lady was not talking to the gas station cashier. She was not on an intercom, but a cell phone. She was using the car’s system to talk with a friend as she walked around the car to pump her own gas. She simply did not care that everyone could very clearly hear  everything in the whole conversation as if on a public address system.

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